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Hypno Feminism

Essentially, hypno feminism is the process of man using the power of hypnotic suggestion to become more feminine in his psychology and behavior. Men who feel feminine, but have some sort of obvious conflict reconciling the two sides of their personalities have increasingly been using hypnosis to “convert” their inner space to one of a completely feminine character and persona, and using conversational cues and the like, have been able to “snap” in and out of this new persona on demand. (mostly as a consequence of fear of displaying the new personality to close friends, family or even a spouse!)

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Apparently, the answer is YES! Now, I haven’t personally done it, (nor am I planning to..:-) but for those men who feel like it gives them some sort of relief, or allows them to connect in a safe way to their “true” inner identify, I say…”you go, girl”. Or guy. Or whatever one would say there..:-) But seriously, I think, like all forms of self help and transformation that hypnosis brings to the proverbial table, anything, and in any way that you are able to use the process to meet your needs, as long as you don’t HURT anyone else, exemplifies the very reason so many of us work so hard to learn and develop the science, and push the envelope to it’s very edge!

And remember, to become POWERFULLY magnetic should be the aspiration of EVERY man (or woman) who simply wants to SUCK all of the JOY and juice out of life and eat from the fruits of unlimited power, PASSION and potential. I believe we are EACH given the ability to focus our MINDS, and our desires on that which we DESPERATELY wish to achieve, and that THIS is the fundamental truth and promise that hypnosis holds for all who dare to indulge in it’s secrets.